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clip of #Bad1 unplugged…


M.i - You and… (The 7th Album) [2014]

on itunes…. go get that. & thank you if you do.

video campaign.
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Shrimp Po boy before the show. before every show. It’s a tradition.

yall know That 7th is now on iTunes right ?

"The 7th Album" by M.i

out now on iTunes. Get that!

equipped with a rented bass guitar, electric guitar, half broken roland d70 used as a midi keyboard, folder full of drums & pro tools, Austin, Tx emcee/producer, M.i is back in 2014 with an all original, sample-free project “The 7th Album”, featuring vocals from Texas songstress, Porche Harris aka Her  : M.i writes, produces, records & mixes 14 brand new tracks & links back up with Minneapolis producer, Tyler Keyes for a Bonus cut to close off the album. Vibe out, then cop the whole project on iTunes.
IG: @mdoti87

The 7th Album by Michael ‘M.i’ Rafael

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off that 7th photo shoot below. woulda used that one fa the album cover if i wasn’t lookin extra sad in the pic lol. & i wasn’t bout to Photoshop no faces.

on the real tho, ima TRY to keep this short but i thought i’d document some of the back story with this 7th album… the 6th album is in the vault. its called the sessions. back in December i was like 5 tracks deep in, but something switched. Started making this all original sample-free project in January…. took 7 months. some of these songs are ones that i’ve had in mind for years (since before jack johnson sessions, 07-08 type sht) not sure why i held onto them for so long. This is that album i always saw myself debuting with… always imagined myself already “on” by 27, but that thing that switched was me being like fck it. you do what you can with what you have. you don’t wait for some hypothetical moment that might or might not ever come. you give everything you have into life. & sometimes you gotta just shut the fck up & hustle. take risks & make sht happen, as long as ur positive & passionate in your intentions im all bout it… life gotta lotta low’s but its also the dopest, most insane thing we’ve ever been blessed to be apart of, to be, sht to live, if your reading this right now, that alone is some mind blowing sht. anyways, im getting all spacy n sht. im out…. got mad love fa all yall. the 7th album in less than 11 hours.

i always knew it would sound like this….

The homie porche Harris aka Her. came thru in the eleventh hour to lend that angelic voice to #The7thAlbum - shouts out to her

#The7thAlbum | 4 days away…

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